For the Algorithmic Emergence Assignment, we were asked to propose an architectural installation as part of the Mies van der Rohe pavilion under the scope of recursive systems. In other words, how would nature take over a contained space. As a case study, I chose to observe the growth system of  Corals.


//  Coral Reef Extinction
Due to the exploitation of natural resources the past few decades, the earth’s resources have depleted faster than anticipated. Primary ecosystem are being shaken down by the global warming causing repercussions on all living creatures. For example Coral Reefs are going extinct. It is said that:
                                                                              – 90% of Coral reefs will become extinct by 2050
                                                                              – They occupy less than 1% of the ocean floor yet they are home to more than 25% of marine biodiversity. 
The design intention is to understand & replicate the growth system of the Coral reefs as we were asked to work on recursive patterns. During the investigation process, I identified  the branching growth & the scaled repetition as the most unconventional & unusual pattern. The  intervention will try to merge both these growth method employed by the coral to reproduce. 

Barcelona Pavilion 


1- Use of ICOSAHEDRON as a Base Geometry which changes in scale

2- Use of Voronoi to create paths for growth of icosahedron




  1. Glass panel Setup      [11.2 x 3.28 m]
  2. Create 11 Divisions
  3. Add division for mullions
  4. Define one portion as a base plane for growth
  5. Populate plane with points
  6. Divide plane using Voronoi Pattern
  7. Intersection of Voronoi & Rectangle boundary
  8. Select random points along curve
  9. Define inner growth perimeter
  10. Populate inner perimeter
  11. Create lines connecting points from outer & inner perimeter
  12. Create Voronoi path for shortest link between outer & inner
  13. Points along Voronoi curve
  14. Icosahedron along points of curve, varying in scale