Connected super blocks is a project aiming to improve densification within the blocks whilst also giving more access between the high rise. This is based on the idea that the new strategy will promote connectivity, green spaces, and hybridized densification. The intervention focuses on connecting users from block to block, creating an interconnected city.  This proposal does face constraints with the amount of sun exposure received in the lower hierarchy of the urban development.




The typology is divided into two blocks to maximize densification on the lower level. Followed by an upper level that is orientated based on highlighted views and maximum bridge connections. These bridges connect two towers together to expand social access and opportunity to spread traffic




  • maximum number of connections between blocks
  • maximum length of bridges to interact and be able to reach
  • improve connectivity 
  • rotation of tower based on selected viewscape


  • productive cities
  • amplified density for mixed use of space
  • direct impact on radiation gain /loss
  • variation in platform lengths


  • prolonged periods of overshadowing on lower levels



  Typology parameters (without platforms)


   Typology (with platforms)


  Optimized Result





Connected Superblock is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) 2021/22 by students: Aaron Pereira , Cansu Kilinc ; faculty: Oana Taut.