Exploration into the idea of two separate voxel meshes growing co- dependently with predefined conditions – factors affecting the growth of one, thus affecting the growth of the other as well. The growth of these meshes are part of an iterative growth script that attempts to algorithmically define the process of the aggregation

One mesh is a representation of the private space inside an enclosed shell for contained living. The other mesh is a public space representing the outdoor interactive spaces punctuated by garden spaces. 


 Iterative Growth 

8  tests were done to explore the variation and patterns based on changing growth parameters




A comparative study was made to select the aggregation with below listed parameters. #5 aggregation option was chosen as a result of these set criterions

Verticality    //    Volume : Height ratio of bounding box
Equality in volumes   //   Private to Public mesh volume ratio
Position relative to each other   //   Distance b/w centroid
Interconnectivity   //   Total shared faces
Maximum  horizontal connectivity of public mesh   //   Shared vertical faces total




Architectural Elements


Post Processing

Placement of architectural elements onto the voxel meshes were done by extracting information from the centroids as well as faces of the resultant voxel meshes.  Special attention to shared faces was given, as a unique feature of the growth – utilizing the interconnectivity of the two systems. 


CONCURRENCE is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture 2021/2022 by students: Rahma Hassan, Rishaad Mohammad Yusuff, Vasudha Karnani Faculty: Andrea Graziano & Eugenio Bettucchi