Final Form_ Cover ImageBrief:

This exercise aims to apply multiple transformations to a series of concentric spheres, through both Data list manipulation, and Euclidean operations.

Student: Mohamad Alchawa

Tutors: Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre

Concentric Events_definition


Three concentric spheres are transformed to achieve different results.

the transformations can then be manipulated through a dynamic point attraction.

Concentric Events_3

First Sphere is used to create a set of voronoi cells. The cells protrude from the center of the sphere towards a random population of points placed on the sphere.

a random selection of cells are then scaled up.


Concentric Events_2

second concentric sphere is used to generate metaball topographic lines. These lines are then populated with a collection of spheres. The scale of which is influenced by a global point attraction Slider.


Final Form_ Cover Image


The final concentric sphere is used to pull out planes that follow its normal. These planes are then used to create center boxes. the length of which is influenced by the global point attraction slider.



Student : Mohamad Alchawa

Tutors : Rodrigo Aguirre, Aldo Sollazzo.