Wi-Fi  connectivity in Barcelona

  • This image shows the Wi-Fi hotspots served by the municipality.
  • Every resident and guest of Barcelona can connect to the global network for free.

The image clearly shows that the central part of the city is well covered by a public Internet network , which can not be said about the outskirts of the city. Tourists who don’t have a local mobile operator , and therefore mobile Internet , need to be careful , otherwise they risk getting lost in the suburbs without the connectivity.

The image shows Internet coverage. The coverage area is not constant and depends on various external factors and on the quality of the Wi-Fi router. Presumably the coverage radius of each router ranges from 25 to 200 meters.

Rose , Andrew and Eli have decided to meet in Barcelona and spend the weekend together. But unfortunately , none of them have mobile Internet and they can only use Wi-Fi connection.

Rose flew to Barcelona by plane and a bus from the airport brought her to the Plaza de Espanya. Andrew arrived in Barcelona by bus from Marseille and asked him to drop off at Hilton hotel. Eli sailed to Barcelona from Athens in a yacht – restaurant and landed near the “Jardines San Bertran”.

Friends have decided to meet near the Torre Agbar at 13.20 and have lunch first. Whether they managed not to get lost without the Internet  and meet in the indicated place can be found by the images.