This research proposes the use of biomass from filamentous algae (Spirogyra sp.) as a reinforcement for cementitious composites to derive materially efficient fibrous constructs. The proposal emerges from computational form-finding techniques of multi-agent algorithmic strategies, that embeds and redistributes matter in a network of self-organisational tectonic structures. The final prototype is a robotically fabricated facade panel, through the deposition of a digitally distributed biocomposite, informed by structural performance on a highly viscous gelatin-medium, allowing the extrusion of three-dimensional continuous and stable elements. This novel way of articulated materiality optimizes its porosity and permutes into a lightweight bio-receptive scaffold capable of acquiring its own ecosystem for aerial bio-remediation purposes. ALGAE[CRETE] acts as an artificial ecology that triggers the resurgence of marine life in places that requires it and strategically remediates its immediate  biotope.