The aim of this assignment was to be able to simulate the deformation of a tensile structure using the Kangaroo engine in grasshopper. Basically, a Tensile Structure is a structural element carrying only tension and no compression or bending. This method is most often use as a roof, as they can both economically and attractively span large distances. The main Characteristics are the way in which they perform under stress tensile, their ease to prefabricate and their malleability.

Such progress in design and engineering was only possible by the German architect Frei otto who conducted the first scientific studies since the 1950s.

A tensile fabric can be an alternative for this structure

Since the location of this design was IaaC rooftop, in this Assignment, I tried to create a multi-functional environment for students. The initial ellipse shape of the structure aimed to create an area in which students can gather around to be able to their group assignments or spending their lunchtime as half of the structure can create a shadow to rest.

The lower part of the structure is not that high so people can climb on it like an open nest.

Design Process

Design proposal