[20151117]_DigitalTools_Assignment2_JI_Page_01Computation Design – Visualising Data – Data Structures

The urban and social fabric of the world is constantly changing. People migrate from one city to the next in search for new opportunities and experiences. The cultural composition of the society is now highly diverse, made up of various cultures from around the world. What are these patterns of migration? What is the pattern of migration in Barcelona? What is the effect of these migrations on the social and cultural fabric of the city?
These questions will form the basis of the investigation. With the help of digital tools in contemporary society, we are able to deduce these patterns via data visualisation. In doing so, we are converting raw data into information that will empower the analyst or viewer to move forward and make necessary decisions that will augment the social and cultural fabric of the city.

The investigation will be set in a number of steps:
1. Data Mining – Data will be obtained from various sources. Validity and accuracy of the data will be crossreferenced and checked.
2. Data Refinement – Initial data must be analysed for its value. Culling or condensing of data might be required to give a more concise derivation of knowledge
3. Data Import – Clean data will then be imported into Grasshopper and Rhinoceros
4. Geographic Mapping – Geographic vector maps will form the basis of our data visualisation and is therefore necessary to be sourced appropriately
5. Data Manipulation – Values within the data will be manipulated and remapped to an appropriate domain to maximise our visual outputs.
6. Geometric Visual Design of Data – Geometry will then be assigned to the new domain of values to give us our infographic.


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Computational Design – Visualising Data – Data Structures is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 1(MAA01)  in (2015-16) by:


  • Jonathan Irawan


  • Luis Fraguada
  • Rodrigo Aguirre