With the development or RhinoCommon, Rhino.Compute and rhino3dm, we see new possibilities opening in front of us in terms of communicating design as well as designing itself. The ability to bring Rhino geometry in web environment reduces the need of additional cloud software to work as an intermediary.

Rhino geometry on the web – collaborative design exploration

It is becoming easier to bring Rhino geometry on the web. Of course, some considerations need to be taken such as file size, geometry types, textures etc., but as a whole, the process is quite streamlined. Except for the geometrical capabilities of Rhino, brought to a web browser, we could take advantage of the huge amount of resources available for web 3D – three.js and many other libraries. The js libraries that have been constantly expanding could be useful for communicating design. For example, simple movement could be animated on the web through three.js. We are used to simulating movement in sophisticated stand-alone software, but web solutions could make the showcase of movement in built context somewhat quicker in certain cases. We can democratize the process of design by giving anyone a url and a simple interface to explore complex geometry and we can also add natively web 3D functionalities. It is very likely that we would soon see on the web animated js objects in Rhino context as well as new applications linking Grasshopper functionalities with web events. One of the most exciting sides of linking gh with the web is product configurators…


Mixing native js geometry with the online Rhino model.

The native js geometry has always the advantage of being extremely quick to load, but on the other hand complex geometry built with js is hard to be made and even often impossible. In the given example the logo is done in Rhino and the rectangular frame behind is done with three.js. Github link

 Communicating context

In this example, a texture is applied to the Rhino geometry and exported in a web environment. This works particularly well with lighter geometry. www.Bimonthemoon.com  (Security key: macad2021)


Layered complex geometry

Heavy models are usually hard to handle in any design software. In this case, we have an extremely heavy model, it is still able to be explored in the web after a couple of minutes of loading. Perhaps by using draco, the performance could be further improved. The same model was tested also with colors and textures, but due to the size, it was not possible to load it. Explore Large version and Small version (Please be patient, it is loading for 1-3 minutes usually. Security key: macad2021)

3d print geometry web configurator

The configurator is aiming to give the possibility to the user to control the width and length of the object. Github page and Test page (enter security key macad2021)


3D Print Grasshopper Script

‘Complex geometry on the web with RhinoCommon, Rhino.Compute and rhino3dm’ are seminar experiments done at IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Masters of Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design 2020/21 by Student: Polina Hadjimitova and Faculty: Luis Fraguada & Will Pearson