XXX by Benno Schmitz

Sign by Benno Schmitz

“Communication is everything“, this is a quote from the social scientist Niklas Luhmann. In his systems theory, which he has developed for over 30 years. He speaks about system, environment and communication. One of the most important parts of the concept is the term of the difference. He separates the system, which can be everything (from people to objects), by the difference. It can be mentally imagine a boundary between something, for example a line between the letter “X” in the first picture. In this case the picture is separated into two parts and this creates a demarcation from one another. These different systems are in continuous exchange or disruption through communication. He says all systems can communicate with each other, that means that communication is always omnipresent. Paul Watzlawick, another social scientist, also once said “you can’t not communicate”. In other words, communication can never break off. Every communication process consists of an object, a sign and a recipient.

In order to build a bridge from social science to architecture and design, it inevitably leads via semiotics, the science of symbols. A sign stands for something that stands for something.

The symbolism in the built environment is diverse, what do the buildings tell you when you take a closer look? Communication is everywhere.

Everything is communication by Benno Schmitz

Communication is Everywhere is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Computation in Architecture and Design 2019/20 by Student: Benno Schmitz Faculty: Jane Burry