Initial Studio Workflow

for the design of our lunar base, 5 different teams in charge of 5 different programs were designed; those were infrastructure, living, working, greenhouse and recreation and sports.

As we are the infrastructure team, our task from the very beginning was special in terms of collaboration, because we had not only to deal with an individual design strategy for the program we were designed (that is to design the life support system of the lunar base) but also the connections between that central tower and the rest of the base and the masterplan of the base itself. 

These two tasks required a more elaborate level of collaboration with the rest of the groups, because there has to be a common consensus on the design to ensure a functional altogether architectural geometry.

Through an iterative process that cover a variety of programs, and using speckle as our main data communication tool, we have spent almost two months inside this loop in which we send and receive other teams geometries until our final combined masterplan was settled.

Figure 1 : Initial Studio Workflow

Role of Each Member

As for the organization inside our team, we can classified the task everyone develop for its level of independency in terms of design and collaboration;

Lucía : in charge of the infrastructure geometry and documentation, as the most independent from the other groups.

Daniyal : in charge of ensuring a good design of the connections between other groups designs and the infrastructure project.

Takeaki : leading the masterplan and therefore the whole communication process with the other groups.

Role of Each Member

Infrastructure Workflow

  1. Our first task as infrastructure team is defining a crater for our habitat. We send a 3d model of crater to other teams.
  2. The other team send me their volumes after that in order to let us know their size, position and how they grow.
  3. From the information of volumes. Takeaki define districts for every modules and lines for the connection of modules.
  4. Meanwhile Daniyal develops connections for our habitat so that it connects each module and totem.
  5. And Lucía develops Life support system for the habitat. At the end of our process. We place our models on the 3d model of the crater we defined.

Infrastructure Workflow

Data Communication

We used 5 software for data communication such as Slack, Zoom, Miro, Speckle and Google drive. Overview of the data communication is as follows:

  1. Anyone shares an idea with screenshot.
  2. We discuss about it through Slack and Zoom.
  3. If we all agree it, we publish it to entire lunar groups through Slack, Zoom, or Miro.
  4. The 3D model for the idea should be shared to all related members by Speckle as soon as possible.
  5. And more complicated heavy model should be shared by Google drive because of its large amount of data.

Data Communication


Collaborative Workflows Lunar Infrastructure is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master In Advanced Computation For Architecture & Design 2021/22 by Students: Lucía Leva, Daniyak Tariq and Takeaki Sakakibara | Faculty: Alan Rynne and João Silva