Log in is one of the interventions in the installation project at Escola Enteca, located in the left half of the Eixample district in Barcelona, characterized by its rawness 




“Tronc-talls” a catalan name for trunk cuts, was the name given to the small painted logs, connected to each other for a stepping stone game for kids. On top of these trunks the users can scan a QR code that will lead them to a website referring to the next information:

Each of these logs contains visual clues that explain how it grew in the forest. By learning how to read these hidden clues, we can learn about the trees and the forest they came from:

  • Some trunks appear very straight, meaning they grew in a shaded forest and needed to grow straight up to get sunlight. 
  • Other trunks have swirls and twists like the muscles in your arm, which means that the tree grows in a windy location, constantly being pushed and turned. The strength of the wind over time forced the tree to twist and turn as it grew bigger, allowing it to resist the wind forces.
  • Certain trunks have several faces, meaning they had many different branches growing out before they were cut. These junction points carried the force of all the trees branches, channeling the weight down into the roots.

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The trunk you are sitting on was born in the Valldaura forest within the Serra de Collserola, just 13 km from Escola Entenca. As recently as the 1940’s the landscape was severely cleared, not a single tree left standing, to allow for large-scale farming. Since then, fast-growing Pine trees have dominated the forest, quickly outgrowing the older Oak trees who used to live there. To help the Oaks regain a foothold within the forest ecosystem, Valldaura Labs participates in sustainable forestry management: selectively harvesting pine trees to make room for the oaks, and using the wood material to make prototypes and projects like the one you are sitting on!

Every tree we harvest is individually and carefully selected based on the Collserola Natural Park and Valldaura estate Forest Management Plans. Trees must be in an accessible location so we dont disturb the surrounding species, large enough to effectively make use of their material, and in a place where their material, and in a place where their absence will encourage the oak trees to grow. We give each tree a name and color code to track its original location after it is cut down. The colors on this tree tell us where it came from.

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LOG-IN! is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed in the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MABB01) 2021/22 by students: Andrea Rubio Paredes//Anton Hofstadt//Iletutu Awosika//Shagun Modi//Pongpol Punjawaytegul//Zani Kerubo Gichuki; faculty: VICENTE GUALLART & ALEX HADLEY