CNC Milling – Cement Casting


Material: Cement

Technique: Casting


This project aims to cement cast the casted object by creating the molds in using the potential of CNC milling and digital technologies. The molds were sculpted within a foam slab following trimmed tense shapes. The final casted objects appeared with different gentle shapes to which cement paste was to be added to create blocks from these molds.


The achieve the shapes of the molds in a cemented block, first of all cement, sand and water ratio with 1:4:2 was made and then added to the molds on after the other slowly. Then each block was left to dry for 1 and a half week until the each cement poured block dried up on its own naturally without using any digital tools. After one and half week the molds were formed and the cemented blocks were taken out of each block.

Day 1 – CNC Milling Block Sheet

Day 1 – Cement mixture filling in each block

Day 7 – Cement Blocks almost dried

Day 12 – Final Results, Cement Casted Blocks



Djordje Stanojevic


Pratyaksh Sharma

MaCT 2016-2017