In collaboration with TU/e and ESDI we had the final presentation of the Close to the Body Research.  Whith the work of the tutors Oscar Tomico (TU/e), Marina Castan(ESDi), Sietske Klooster, Eunjeong Jeon, Martijn ten Bhömer, Eva Deckers, Kristi Kuusk, Marina Toeters, Guillem Camprodón and Anastasia Pistofidou we have 4 pieces: flyerclosetothebody Open Up is a symbiotic outfit that creates an interaction between the host and it’s surrounding. It measures the displacement in a space and gives its wearer a new sense of the environment. Inspiration for this project came from studying animal behaviors and how they attract each other.  Illuminum While wearing the Illuminum garment you are going to experiment a new way of thrilling the audience. By reacting intuitively to the light you are able to surprise the audience with an elegant and unexpected performance. A new dance philosophy can evolve based on a garment that reacts to the absence of light.  Trailblazer Hey running enthusiast! You can’t take a holiday without getting a runner’s high do you? How about combining running with exploring amazing places? Let the Trailblazer guide you off the beaten track without getting lost. Sound Embracers is a new instrument which links body movements directly to sound generation. The knitted collar with integrated stretch sensors and speakers is a surprising interface to create soundscapes. IMG_2140 IMG_2137 IMG_2134 IMG_2130 IMG_2124 IMG_2122 IMG_2120 IMG_2117 IMG_2117 IMG_2111 IMG_2109 IMG_2107 IMG_2106 IMG_2097 IMG_2099 IMG_2102 IMG_2104 IMG_2094 IMG_2091 IMG_2086 IMG_2084 IMG_2077 IMG_2076 IMG_2072