Introduction :

The city of Pune in Maharashtra, India has envisaged floods since past 100 years. The main rivers passing through the Historic city Mutha and Mula converge in the city.Since the past few years, the city has been facing considerable damages due to floods often disrupting people’s daily lives for longer periods. At the same time within the span of 12 months city also faces severe water shortages adding pressure to efficient and equal distribution of water in the town.

City lacks sufficient water supply for anthropogenic purposes and often the natural ecosystems are less prioritized. Leading to higher water stress in plants and trees. This conflicts with the city’s deficit of carbon pool adding pressure to the meet the -1.5 degree Temperature rise target agreed in the recent Cop26-Glasglow meeting.

This project is developed by: Kshama Patil

Clima Seminals   is a thesis project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City & Technology in 2021/22 by student: Kshama Patil and faculty: Mathilde Marengo,Gonzalo Delacamara,Iacopo Neri