First step was importing the main model and all explanative geometries and images into Cl3ver 3D. import   I exported objects in different layers to have a possibility to select this parts which I need in Cl3ver actions. They were exported from Rhino in obj. format with preserving their material information. aaaamodules conectionadaptable designphase2 I created a buttonsĀ“ system with highlighting when pressing. highlight Next step was setting render environment and lightening. IĀ  used a sky cubemap for the background and as a reflections map. I added a directional light. directional light   I set a range of cameras to show the model from different perspectives (during exterior visit). I have used mainly orbital cameras, circulating around the object- showing it from every direction. cameras   exterior visit 2exterior visit1exterior visit 4extrior visit 3 I have created a range of actions to animated the objects according to the required situation, for example: 3d movement, where the module unfolds to show the part from which is built module structure colouring, to show selected functional areas (coworking-red, mini offices-yellow, public-blue, workshop-purple) coworkingmicrocompaniespublic functionworkshop I have created scripts to run many options pressing just one button. For example, when you press “module structure”, camera view changes, new model appears and 5 object are animated by 3d movement script module structure