In order to get a better understanding of this complex relationship and its influence on the urban forms and processes, please chose four out of the six questions from the list on the left side.
Based on the input form the lecture and your own perception, thoughts and imagined scenarios, please try to offer explanations of the chosen questions that will provide a more grounded and extended explanation of the presented case.

1. There is definitely a shift in the target of users, the spaces without cars becomes more user friendly ,it invites people to have social events , such as an open market , a local festivals and other social activities. It also attracts a lot people who are sports deprived , street vendors , local artists and creates an atmosphere of social gathering . It creates an outdoor connecting space for the neighbors around and builds a community , which wouldn’t be possible if there was a traffic barrier that would only lead to more nuclear families and make them feel trapped in there houses .

2. It all depends on the site and the surroundings, if its a highway then it wouldn’t really effect the lifestyle of the residents , but if the flyover runs middle of the city then it creates a drastic impact on the lifestyle of the people . The path they take to go to work or to school in their daily mode of transport , could be a public space when they are not commuting .

3. It would improve the local economics , it lets the locals to come out of their houses and help them grow and take part in new ideas and social development , it locally improves the thinking of a person . Also , because there is reduced amount of vehicular flow , that would demand for more public transport , such as buses , trains , etc. Which would reduce carbon foot print and create an healthy environment and would help the economy grow .

5. Because of the changes in a locality , it would influence other regions and create a path that would make it mandatory for them to design a multi-functional space and bring changes in architectural rule book , with new standards . Making it a compulsory component to not leave the spaces below the flyovers unused and make it mandatory to have a Copenhagenized days once a week or so. These would also bring in change in governing policies.