The Hierarchy of a city can be broken down from a city on a larger level to elements of a building, that are the smallest components. We at the Advanced algorithmic design studio explore different levels through our projects ReCode, City Loop, Vedic algorithmic design and Decode Puuc.

The Cosmogramme starts by defining the thesis statement.

A guiding framework is needed for early stage urban design decision making, which will help the designers find and choose the values of design parameters that would lead them to a targeted performance with greater likelihood.

Various performances were charted out and a few were selected to be detailed.

Existing framework such as Pattern Language as referred to formulate a new algorithmic framework.

Devising a new framework :

The cosmogramme is divided much like the computational design process : 

The tools, software and workflow is specified :

City Loop // Cosmogramme is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture for the Research & methods seminar, in 2020-2021 by:
Student: Sneha Vivek
Faculty: Mireia Luzarraga