TREES FOR LIFE. Master Plan for Barcelona’s Trees 2017 – 2037

The City of Barcelona is facing major challenges in the 21st century in terms of improving its population’s health and comfort. These require the development of a sustainable, equitable and inclusive city, with improvements to fundamental features like environmental quality, especially in relation to the pollution generated by fossil-fuel vehicles, the urban land balance and public services for all of the municipality’s neighbourhoods, decent housing, the fight against climate change and responding to migratory movements.

Trees are a vital part of an urban green infrastructure. They structure public areas and provide fundamental services for urban environmental quality and for people’s health and well-being. They form a network that interconnects all the city’s green areas and habitats, providing multiple social-environmental and economic functions and benefits, making them just as necessary as any other service.

Trees in the urban environment are living organisms that live with people and provide them with a physical and emotional connection to nature.

Let’s use data as a driving force in decision making

THIS MAP SHOWS the height of the species and geolocation of the trees of the city of Barcelona located on public roads.

SIZE AND DENSITY _ Urban Trees Barcelona

THIS MAP SHOWS the number of urban trees in Barcelona. It is made a relationships between quantity and the zones of the city where inhabitants have more benefits of trees.

TREES SCANNER _ Urban Trees Barcelona

The city’s trees make it possible to interconnect the city’s green areas, favouring a green infrastructure around which the city is organised, which contributes to health, comfort and habitability, due to their effects on environmental quality, the beauty of urban landscapes or the creation of areas for socialising and coming into contact with nature in the urban environment.

DATA SOURCE: Zone trees of the city of Barcelona. (OPEN DATA BCN). Map of Barcelona. (CARTO BCN)


CITY DATA VIEW_TREES FOR LIFE is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in City & Technology in (2019/2020) by:
Student:  Byron Cadena
Faculties: Rodrigo Aguirre