CIRCUMEO// To Wander Through

A kinetic installation that uses human motion as a trigger for a continuous circulation wave. Inspired by the periodic oscillation of a sinusoid curve in physical elements such as wind, light and sound, the structure generates an immersive experience throughout a fluid path.








The structure of the installation is composed of 12 wooden ribs suspended from a mesh steel structure. The movement is created by 12 stepper motors attached from the ceiling. An ultrasonic sensor placed on the static bottom structure detects the motion and activates the stepper motors which start deforming the rib structure in order to create a sine curvature throughout the path. The main configuration of a rib frame consists of 4 modules joined by a series of customized 3d printed connectors which allow the movement of the elements in the vertical axis.

//Final Design

CIRCUMEO aims to generate an interaction between the user and the installation using motion as an input and movement as an output. The final outcome focuses on creating a circulation path that mimics a sine curvature that induces the user in an immersive experience.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya, IAAC.
Students: MAA 2018-2019 : Yigitalp Behram,Daria Ciobanu-Enescu,Mert Gönül,Elif Karamustafa,Yara Tayoun
Faculty: Angel Munoz and Cristian Rizzuti