WE wish to build up the ordering system to prevent waste from the beginning. Take the balanced approach of efficient production of locally grown vegetables and fruits to support the circular economy of the block and encourage the gradual progress of the same in the adjacent blocks (fruterias. markets. restaurants. etc)


Through APPs for example Supperbarrio to Open and shared solutions between the communities to maintain transparency of the knowledge. Provide guidelines for food recycling. reducing and reusing.

Cooperate with exsiting app like TOO GOOD TO GO. improving the usage of food and providing more commercial opportunities for restaurants and hotels.

Encourage neighbourhood to grow their own food and share thereby involving community in deci?sion making and ownership in order to maintain the efficiency of production and sharing through the use of new and advanced technology.




CircularFoodBlock is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture 2021/2022 by students: Emily Bishop, Emily Jane Rackstraw, Pragati Vasant Patilkulkarni, Qi Changkai, Wu Yue   ; Faculty: IAAC.