In-House Mill Dust Recycle // Circular Design


The aim of the proposal is to create a circular design strategy for the waste that is generated by different machines in IAAC Atelier and suggest an in-house recycling system. In current situation, the institute transfers the mill dust waste that is been created in the Wood Workshop in the normal waste. It is calculated that the total amount of mill dust and wood waste collected weighs about 150kg. This large amount of dust can be put into circular design strategy to bring it to the use of the institute and society.

The Site – IAAC Atelier

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia also known as IAAC, is an educational and research center dedicated to the development of an architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in the construction of habitability. The Institute works with various machines and materials which are used for making physical prototypes. During fabrication processes a large amount of waste is generated that are later disposed of without proper management.

Identifying materials in different spaces of IAAC

Material v/s Carbon Footprint Chart

Current Process of waste management in IAAC

Material Analysis

Different furniture were classified into different materials used to make it. Each material were tracked with its origin and carbon footprint was calculated per unit value to see exactly how much carbon is produced for single product.

General Life Cycle of Wood Based Material

In the life cycle of a product, most of the carbon footprint is generated during End of Cycle Stage. This is because there is a process of waste collection, transportation, sorting, and processing. This can be eliminated by producing a recycling or upcycling process in the institute itself.



Cross Laminated Timber

Medium Density Fiber (MDF), uncoated

Wood based material // End of Cycle Process

State of Art // Honext Boards

Strategy for Circular Design

Adhesive Analysis

Life of New Product


In-House Mill Dust Recycle @ IAAC Atelier is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Shubham Dahedar, Karthy Krishna, Elizaveta Veretilnaya, Ziying Zeng and Seminar Faculty: Ignasi Cubiñá, Ariane Lima, Sofía Battistino & María Colantoni.