Designing Buildings as Material Banks

//Project: Student Co-Living Building

//Circular Agenda

//Material Analysis

Material Use by Weight

Environmental Impact

//Product Journey Mapping

Prefab Laminates



Partition Walls | Doors

//Cyclability Strategies

Proposed Material Use by Weight

Environmental impact of proposed

Construction and Fabrication Strategies

//Stakeholder Engagement

//Impact of Proposal



Circular Economy of a Co-Living Building is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAA02 in 2020-21 by:

Students: Ka Man Lee, Nihar Mehta, Deepika Raghu, Lilett Ricaurte

Faculty: Ignasi Cubiña,Cristina Sendra,Gemma Canals Flix

Assistant: Mahsa Nikoufar