Checkers is a computational design exploration done with Python Scripting in Grasshopper (Rhino). The aim of the proposal was to investigate the possibility of working with recursive geometries trough coding.

The outcome is a component in grasshopper that generates a pyramid of cubes and rectangles along a curve. As external parameters the component takes a value of divisions along the selected curve, the size of the base cube, the possibility of removing a controlled amount from the top of the pyramid as well as including a random variation in the size of each module.



The Logic

01 Divide curve

02 Generate cuve on division points

03 Based on the internal points of the top of each cube new geometry will be generated

04 Generated geometry


// Front view of straight line with different division parameter and constant size

// Perspective view of curve with the same division parameter and different sizes of the cube

// Perspective view of curve with different division parameter and constant size



The Vision

01 Day


02 Night

Incestuous Network on Structure is a project of  “Advanced Computational Tools – PYTHON”
“MAA02 2018-2019”, Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia (IaaC)

Faculty: Angel Muñoz       
Student: Nikol Kirova