CENTRO DE CULTURA CURVA is project that explores the application of wood active bending in temporary architecture. Active Bending is a form finding process in which the manipulation of the geometry and positioning is reliant upon the flexible material behaviour and the rigid connection of the structural elements to specific anchor points. The achitectural intervention proposed is designed for city engagement, offers a variety of cultural and artistic events and aims to provide additional seating and shading for the visitors of Plaza Commercial, where it is located.

The group run a series of experiments, using different types of foam and wood, exploring the possibilities of active bending, while optimizing the anchor point joinery for maximum  stability. The process was focused on linear elements and the form that derives from the different angles and positions of their anchor points.

The final proposal was based on a thorough data collection and mapping process including sun/shadow analysis, on-site activities, use of land of the surrounding buildings, circulation paths and access points. The overlap of the above data had a  major impact on the positioning of the intervention on site which aims to enhance pedestrian circulation, bring the visitors to the Mercat del Born and engage them with the restaurants located in the plaza. Three typologies of active bending are implemented within the final design, which offer different functionalities.

By the end of the project, the students we able to develop one linear bent element out of thin plywood in scale 1:1. In order to achieve this goal, they went through a series of experiments with wood bending in multiple scales and with various types of wood. The joinery of the linear element to the base was one of the major issues resolved during the 1:1 scale fabrication.

CENTRO DE CULTURA CURVA is a project by the Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia, developed in the CIEE Global Architecture & Design Spring 2019 program by:

Students: Amy Lacourse, Gianna Meliso, Josie Molasky, Mikayla Totman
Future Cities Design Studio Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre
Science, Engineering and Techonology Workshop Faculty: Ricardo Mayor
Faculty Assistant: Nikoleta Mougkasi