Introduction to Processing and Arduino

Tutors: Angel Muñoz & Angelos Chronis

censorbot – Ekin Arslan, Emre Demir, Mehmet Berk Bostanci
censorbot is a project that combines the features of Processing and Arduino, using Processing and
computer input to control servo motors actuated by Arduino. It establishes a primitive AR
environment, which plays on the concept of a “Big Brother” with a CCTV camera watching the
surroundings and placing censors on the outside world.

The hardware consists of 2 servo motors, one for the X-axis movement and the other for the Yaxis,
and a dismantled webcam connected directly to the computer. The webcam attached to the
end of the combined servos consequently provides a viewing range of 180 degrees in each axis.

W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard are used to dictate the up-down and left-right movements from
the Processing window; and the left-mouse button is used for the “stamping” of the censor object.
As the servos rotate and thus the camera view with them, the placed censor objects translate to the
reverse direction, leaving an impression of a digital effect stabilized on the perceived real world
environment. The censor object, which is an image of a “Censored” stencil, are placed at the center
of the screen on the crosshair like a first person shooter game.

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