posterE Consumer economy takes a great deal for granted, wanting things for free, and is constituently unable to pay for them; This is at the root of the economic crisis Europe has been facing since 2008. Since the crash, the financial crisis is the normal consequence of a system that can’t work the way it is structured. The only real solution is to completely re-think our culture of consumption The recent financial crisis has caused many people to ask fundamental questions about the way the economy is organized. The money that derives the world today doesn’t really exist; it’s the result of endless looping debt created by banks. This economic growth has turned humankind into an agent of extinction It’s most shocking to know that Government’s debt in devolved countries approaching a peak of 200 years.   In the project we presented a different future to Castelli, and the growth or Rome city, This Alternative was the main stream of the society in Israel during the 1950-1970 and is called Kibutz. The Kibutz people built different society based on values such as- self-sufficiency, Agriculture and socialism. Our alternative suggestion for Castelli is based on similar ideas- Bottom Up solutions, Gradual growth, and Socialism. full rome In this image we present our view for the very fast future, where those “non consuming cells” will start to flourish all over the area There must a better future for us!