Suma House

The building is configured as a volumetric transition that harmonizes the adjacent dissimilar buildings: on one side, a two-storey house aligned to the street and on other side, a three storey building  set back from the street. The result is a series of volumes that provide continuity to cornices and alignments with the immediate surroundings. The program comprises a house for a family and a small office in the basement, arranged in a total of five floors with a small occupation area. Patios, planters, terraces and balconies of various kinds accompany the volumes. The structure is made out of walls and slabs of cross-laminated timber. It frames the different spaces between the adjacent buildings creating floors and ceilings, defining the north-south axis that crosses de house. The façades on those sides are permeable to win light and views.
Outside, the ceramic envelope provides an elaborate repertoire for every need and requirement (ventilated façade and cover, fixed and mobile louvers and skylights, etc.). Each detail seeks to ensure material continuity and provides an apparent simplicity.


SUMA Rear 3D

SUMA 3D Section

Section View

SUMA House Ground Floorplans

Ground Floor Office Render

Living Room Interior Render

SUMA House is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Mass Timber Design in 2021 by: Student: Jack Byrne. Faculty: Michael Salka