Parametric design and digital fabrication is being used in development various of art forms, furniture and personal utility items but but the technology has still not stepped into the field of mass production to a noticeable scale. The first example is the Digitally Fabricated Furniture Twin Shelves By Chilean Design Studio Gt2p. The shelves are made of Lacquered Medium-density fiberboard using a CNC Router Machine. These shelves belong to a series of parametric furniture digitally fabricated and generated by means of an algorithm which is based on Voronoi’s tessellation. The Twin Shelves model’s variables are an edge and points that determine its inner subdivision. This allows to customize the x,y and z dimension adapting the shape of the furniture to the specific requirements of each client. The tessellation rule permits to regulate the number of inner subdivisions, creating a variety of objects spanning from shelves to passive solar controls. The Second example is of a model designed by Koen Boonen This model is an adaptation of the Julia-fractal in a xenodream metamorph the mesh for this artform was optimised using cinema4D