Zona Franca’s Carrer A is in need of enlivening. This 5 km linear street has the opportunity to be the focal point of Zona Franca.



A program that occupies the space must consider the spaces afforded. We also are pushing for dynamic programs going forward, given the fragility of our society exposed by Covid-19. What better infrastructure to satisfy these needs than containers. Not only does the simplicity of form allow for a myriad of programs to housed within, the fact that they are omnipresent in Zona Franca gives this project real feasibility. They are the symbol of Zona Franca and thus we use them as the basis of our idea.



We envision a system by where the user, in this case citizen consumer, engages and has a say as to what programs occupy the containers. This can be achieved with a democratized voting platform. It will act as a concentrated version of Yelp, serving solely the cAminem containers.





cAminem containers can inhabit the entire length of Carrer A and have different sections of program types, spanning from athletic facilities to restaurants. This will attract different user types to inhabit different sections at different times.