Meet Calbox 2000, a device that will help you learn all the calories in less than a week! 

This project has been thought following the K.I.S.S method (Keep It Simple Stupid), so the function of this box is nothing more than telling you the calories of the aliments so you can learn them.


The instructions of use are simple as well, hit the box and you will randomly get the calories of food.

BUT, it’s not as useless as it looks, to help you memorize faster the food you ”shouldn’t be allowed to eat”, a red led is turned on, alarming you of how ”dangerous(!!!!)” is eating a 2000 calories pizza or a 650 calories burger.


To develop this prototype, I’ve been following the Arduino Starter Kit example Crystal Ball.

Parts required:
– 220 ohm resistor
– 10 kilohm resistor
– 10 kilohm potentiometer
– 16×2 LCD screen
– tilt switch

Welcome to Ana and Mia’s world.

This project is part of The rules that keep you safe, a sarcastic serie of projects warning about Anorexia and the Internet. By Martina Solés Caldés.

IaaC – MAI 2017-2018  | Faculty : Raúl Nieves.