This code is simulating a burning process. It begins with the construction of a fractal system of bifurcation that creates a tree. This structure is achieved with a particle system, in which the particles are moving in a parabola shape that branches into more parabolic paths for the particles. The number of branches is defined by a number between 1 and 5. After the “tree” is created, the positions of the particles are recorded and used as attractors for a swarm that simulates the sparks. The swarm is slowly moving towards the positions (named “gun powder”) deactivating them one by one and moving to the next one, leaving behind it a trail. The trail is simulating a smoke effect. When a spark is not close to any “gun powder” or when all the “gun powder” is burned, the spark dies. In the end all the attractors are deactivated and all the swarm particles are enabled. The threshold distance between the “gun powder” and the “sparks” is defined by a number which changes the “survival time” of the sparks. The user interface controls include tree buttons: an ignition button and two switches for the colour of the smoky trail.