Building Engine is an exploration of assembly and growth processes through iterative design. The project is an aggregation through standard components and geometries that are logically generated. These components and geometries are the essential building blocks to our algorithm. 

Our project aims to explore the most efficient combinations for our components in which we can derive to a much more complex system. Based on our system, the connections trigger a much larger pattern and the interactions become much more meaningful. In conclusion, the growth of the assemblies will demonstrate unique spatial systems that form through the iterations.

extended report

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growth report

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{Building Engine}

is a project of IAAC, Institute for  Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2019/20 by Students:

{Osmin Josué López Avalos, Taras Kashko, Frank Shirying Feng}

and Faculty:

Alessio Erioli and Andrea Graziano