Bubble Drawing Machine project focuses on using  the air to move a mixture of liquid stated materials from one place to another . The overall goal is to have a variety of drawings allowing the flow of the materials freely though this specified area.

The system uses a very common technique which is the blowing of air though a mixture of washing-up liquid and water forming bubbles which flow in the air freely. The key material is the color added to the mixture which is Tempera paint in this case.  Through a motor, battery energy is used to spin a wheel in which 3 pieces of plastic sticks with circular endings are fixed around. These circle parts of the sticks hold the material in the form of a very thin film when they pass through it. Without the air flow,the colored bubbles would fly freely.  In Bubble Painting Machine, an artificial air flow is formed by using a hairdryer which orients the bubbles through the target area which is the horizontally placed paper.  When bubbles made from washing up liquid reach the paper, they start to pop at once forming full circles or take some seconds to pop where they combine forming circular textures on the paper. The formed textures color density vary with the ratio of the water, washing up liquid and  paint. The distribution of the bubbles on paper vary with the power of the drying machine.

With the Bubble Drawing Machine,  we achieved to move a mixture of 3 different matters in liquid form by capturing the air created by electric energy from one point to another point. In a defined area, we achieved to have a colored drawing which is also spontaneous in the way that bubbles of mixed material find their place forming  free textures in each trial.


Bubble Drawing Machine is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, Introductory Studio in 2016 by:

Students: Guoliang Zhang, Ceren Yildirim

Faculty: Edouard Cabay, Rodrigo Aguirre