Digital Fabrication BRICK REFERENCES  Gomze Gunduz Tomás Vivanco Larrain 1. KAPSARC/ Marc Fornes. From a solid cube, he created an interior space maintaining the perimeter and outside geometry of the cube. He structured this interior throw triangles wich can change their dimentions and angles. The control of this triangles is what makes the cube can be adapted to new shapes and in turn, have the ability to be joined together like a lego. 2. KAPSARC/ Zaha Hadid. The project has a structure of interconnected hexagons together by its translucent surface arists. The translucent surface generates an articulated interior wich is screened by light and shadow of the structural cells. By this way, the independent cells become a unit, forming the building and creating a common interior. 3. HYLOZOIC GROUND/ Canada Pavilion- Venice Bienale The project title refers to ‘hylozoism “the ancient belief that all matter has life. True to its origins, the entire set of functions in the system operate much like a giant lung, breathing in and around their occupants. This piece of interactive architecture responds to the presence and human movement through tens of thousands of digitally fabricated lightweight components and equipped with microprocessors and sensors. 4. PATTERNS AND ZONED POROSITY/ Zach Kron Zach began developing a pattern of fractal geometry, which can be replicated at different scales. The control of this geometric pattern allows to variate the permeability of each unit, which may vary depending of a programatic or spatial requirement to build a particular interior space . The repeating pattern allows the generation of various shapes and sizes.