For this project we were asked to hack an every day object related to food. My object of choice was a filter coffee machine I never used. Most of the mornings I don’t have the time to get ready, make a nice breakfast and leave. This coffee machine takes a while to prepare coffee so I ended up never using it. I though that if I hack it so it will prepare the coffee before I wake up and keep it warm for me, maybe it would finally serve its purpose. I decided that the best way to go about it, is to have a website hosted in my local wifi where you could go and set what time you would like your coffee. To make this possible I used an ESP8266 module that has build-in wifi and also gives you the possibility to use it as a server that will host the controller website. I used classic html/css/js for the website and web-sockets to transfer data between the web interface and the ESP.  Now anyone connected to my home’s wifi can navigate to brewmecoffee.local/ set the time he would like to have coffee et voila! 

The hardware hack was pretty simple, all I did was to bypass the physical button the coffee machine uses to turn ON/OFF by using a mosfet and simulating a click.

MAI 2017/18 

Student : Ioannis Vogdanis 

Faculty :  Raul Nieves