Students: Samarth Agrawal, Zina AlKhani, Sebastian Amorelli
Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Tomas Agudo
Material: White PLA (Opaque)
Machine: 3D Printer
Machine time: 7hr 57min

Branching is an exploration of the limits of extrusion 3D printing. Inspired by natural occurring L-systems, a structure of ever expanding branches was created, with branches occurring within the angle limits that are printable by the machine. The idea was to start printing from a common point, in this case where the bulb would be held, and start branching off in different directions with different densities: from thick to thin, from single to multiple. The main aspect of this exploration was to study how each branching point can withstand the weight of the branches that are overhanging from it during the printing process.