One may argue that the site is at the end of its Carbon Era and now needs to push forward into the 3rd industrial revolution, according to Economist Jeremy Rifkin. Where as ‘La Boqueria’ in Ciutat Vella attracts masses of people for its luscious products. Now, the Boqueria of Knowledge in Poblenou will be one that is intune with the vision of 22@ to provide space as an investment of Research and Development. The spaces will be those of micro-economic prosperity celebrating self-sufficiency, lateral power, collaboration, distribution, empathetic and open source approaches. Such knowledge will be split into different clusters that will virus on site to add value to the already existing programs consisting of SMEs and residential buildings.


(density simulation of people acting as a virusing effect on the site to occupy key areas)


21    (study of morphologies according to program, area occupation, environmental data and hydroponic space requirements)

Our building component is the means to allow people to learn and teach with specific targets of urban agricultural research; not just for gastronomical reasons but also material research, Automobile research and contemporary craftsmanship; with the aim of producing from what has been harvested.   22    

(roof scape morphology heat analysis showing water collector(blue) and shading systems(yellow) according to circulation areas(yellow) and hydroponic area(blue))

physics explained

(physics computational explanation of the project)

The result of the project came about from the program set and environmental data collected according to requirements for agriculture and how current buildings can benefit or be of aid by recycling waste and in turn collaborate. A regenerative prospective process of economic and environmental prosperity. (video coming soon)


(bio-illuminated model showing virusing extent of harvesting incubators)

(internal view of the boqueria showing pneumatic shading system, with carbon fiber structure and soft double skins)
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