20131029_121351 20131029_121303 20131029_121250 20131029_10545720131028_133050 photo 1 atessa 3 atessa 2 at 1Book Mosaic | The idea was inspired from the mosaic panels , in which the outcome of the drawing changes with the alternation of the pieces . In this case the unit is a combination of three books , packed or folded together to form a triangular shape tile . This kind of tile or piece could be assembled vertically , horizontally , or in a circular like shape to establish different forms and functions  . It can act as a wall , a buttress , a column and even a dome like cover .   Accordion – Book Technique |  By hinging series of books together , we will be getting a strip of accordion-like shape . This kind of  shape is similar to an accordion-door , which can through certain hinges change its size and shape .