The entire inside behind the Bolster band is vitality, people want to be energetiv and we really want to make it easy for people to be vibrant and stay more active.

  • The premise itself is very simple, you weat the band on your wrist and set yourself a daily goal and the band helps you achieve it.
  • When we developed Bolster we didn’t want it to be like any regulat fuel band. We’re particularly excited to create an experience that will energize people and will help them to do more.

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How Bolster Work ?

  • The Bolster band is not only an activity tracker like every other band, but it is used to literary charge your body!
  • Positive and negative ions are neutralizing each other; daily activities like taking off and putting on clothes, as well as electronic equipment charged with static electricity remove negative ions from the body.IAAC bolster_Flowchart
At Work

At Work

  • The balance of the positive and negative ions in our bodies, not having the ions in your body balanced will decrease the level of your energy, and this unequal ion composition drains your energy.
What it Tracks

What it Tracks

  • Bolster anesthetic material eliminates static energy through corona discharge and creates and equal composition of negative and positive ions.
  • therefore this material assures the equalization of the ions in our bodies, and this helps you charge your body and keeps you energetic.

Rewards with Kickstarting Campaign

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We did thought about the Copywrights.
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Buinsness Model as we are serious about it.
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A simple math to achieve a great product.
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Who are we ?
Bolster is designed & marketed by bunch of students from Instiute of Advance Architecture of Catalonia, (IAAC) Barcelona.
the team

Bolster is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Kickstart Innovations in 2015-16 by:
Students : Abbas Kikali, Rana Abdulmajeed, Viplav Goverdhan
Faculty : Anna Pla Catala

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