This project is creating a water filtering and energy collecting system which can also form urban public spaces and structures. The plants are growing in anthracite and pebbles, submerged in water that evaporates in the air, and falls down to be collected. The atrhracite serves an anode and cathode. A carbon fiber mesh is incorporated in order to speed the movement of particles.  The system has 2 outputs, clean evaporated water and filtered grey water.  The selection of the position of each cell containing plants according to the sun radiation, where we would achieve a relatively higher radiation without overheating for most of the cells, which will contribute to the transpiration of the plants. And the wooden structure shape is based on the position of cells, so it also rely on the structure stability optimisation. Our goal is using computational design and machine learning process to provide the relatively ideal cell position and structural form according to any dimensions the user gives.




Project Power Up is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2017 by:

Students: Luciana Teodózio, Yingxin Du, Nikoleta Nikolova

Tutors: Chiara Farinea, Rodrigo Aguirre