Diagram of relationshio between the circular bioeconomy, BIM and mass timber design.

The important link between circular bioeconomy, and mass timber is valorisation of industrial creation that leads to more ecological production, where BIM helps to minimize waste and time of designing, fabricating and controling the whole process.

The use of mass timber products in the construction is a way of sequesting a big amount of CO2 and by reusing the material the value of it is maintained and the carbon is sequested for as long as possible.

As well by recycling and burning the material in the case when it is no longer possible to reuse it, the carbon is realised in its organic and nutrient cycle, which corresponds to the circular bioeconomy.

The case study of SUMA house

Fundamentals of Building Information Modeling is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Mass Timber Design in 2021/2022 by:
Student: Kudriashova Veronika
Faculty: Michael Salka