The Bifurcation seminar aimed to reinterpret Gaudi’s columns and generate a geometrical guide along with a branching system to join the columns together with the trunk. The 3-day workshop majorly involved simultaneous digital and physical interface where we designed using parametric computation and implemented through hand-made mold making techniques. Inspiration for column profiles :

Taking inspiration from the simple geometric shapes, we have created profiles by overlapping multiple geometrical shapes, mirroring it and varying them by playing with several rotation angles.

Image credits : Sacred geometry –

Profiles and Column development

Development profile 1 :

Fabrication profile 1 :


Development profile 2 :

Fabrication profile 2 :

Development profile 3 :

Fabrication profile 3 :



Image credits : Science Photo Library – Pinterest Images

Design Principle :

Standard and inverse order of Neuron Branching


Branching Diagram


Branching Module

3D Printed Branching Module

Design Challenge – Hyperloop Terminal

Site :

Concept Sketches :

Zoning and Branching :

Massing :


Fabrication Process :

Video :


Neural Bifurcation is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2018/2019 by:

Students: Anmol Arora, Holly Victoria Carton, Lakshay Ghai, Manan Jain and Tanvangi Asthana

Faculty: Professor Mark Burry and Rodrigo Aguirre

Support: Lana Awad, Nikoleta Mougkasi, Soroush Garivani, Arman Najari, Lars Erik Elseth