Benidorm | Celebrating the Stratosphere


The project aims to address the heart of the vertical mobility problems in Benidorm by highlighting the significance of meaningful ground floor experiences and takes up the challenge of densification of the ground floor while exploring the extents of what the ground floor has to offer in a more speculative manner.

Background Check

Benidorm is a town and municipality in the province of Alicante, Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.


The Facts


From Horizontal to Vertical City

But what we do not realize is the actual area that is created by this verticality.


The Current Benidorm Experience

Benidorm skyscrapers flattened out resulting in the actuality of using an area that’s 30 times the actual area of the city. But what part of this area is actually used by the locals for establishing businesses  to cater to the massive influx of tourists?