Team: Nikol Kirova, Nikoleta Mougkasi,  Shruti Jalodia
Final project for #Arduino and #Processing

BeatBall is a device that let’s you mix your own music, based on six primary beats. It works with sensing any object’s proximity to it’s surface and initiating music connected to the respective sensor. Light Dependent Resistors are being used to sense proximity and LEDs are being used to give a feedback when the sensor is activated.  The physical object has been made such that the light from LEDs is not interfering with the performance of LDRs, as well as, keeping an ergonomic size for easy use.

This is an interactive device that reads data from photocells and transforms it into digital visualisation, sound and light.

BEATBALL captures the illumination data of the space and allows you to interact by shadowing each of the 6 light sensors. The photocell sensors correspond to an individual sound and light effect. The code is written in #Processing where the visualization is created by mapping the location of each point of interaction with a triangulation projected on a sphere.


Laser cut pieces for the object. Done with a waffling technique in order to avoid use of glues and other toxic substances. The engraved patterns go in line with the triangulation in the digital sphere.


Arduino, LDRs and LEDs connected to the BeatBall.  Assembly process begins …





Developed at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

SO.4 – Produino

Faculty : Angelos Chronis, Angel Munoz

Students: Nikol Kirova, Nikoleta Mougkasi, Shruti Jalodia