This project is the derivation of a process of research on the relationship between hyper connectivity and public space. In the first instance we found that the public space and virtual space are interdependent, since many activities that take place in physical space are planned and organized in virtual space. We also noticed that in physical space are carrying out activities for which such a scenario is not designed. Among many of these activities, we find that long ago there has been a commercial dynamic which has evolved from the hand of technology and globalization.

Thanks to the new applications and social platforms increasingly facilitates more direct trade between people and at the same time becomes much more specific. The global economy and culture of excessive consumption has made a new commercial branch, which does not include a monetary system based on open change; this alternative is as old as time is the “Bartering”. This activity unburdens barter economy and relieves people in times of low economic abundance.Andres pptx-1 Andres pptx-14 Andres pptx-13 Andres pptx-11 Andres pptx-10 Andres pptx-9 Andres pptx-7 Andres pptx-6 Andres pptx-5 Andres pptx-4 Andres pptx-3 Andres pptx-37 Andres pptx-36 Andres pptx-35 Andres pptx-34 Andres pptx-33 Andres pptx-32 Andres pptx-30 Andres pptx-29 Andres pptx-28 Andres pptx-27 Andres pptx-26 Andres pptx-25 Andres pptx-17 Andres pptx-16