DESIGN STUDIO I – ANDREA DEBILIO My proposal consists in a visionary project born to improve the existing layout of the neighborhood through a self-sufficient grid over the existing one. After having analyzed the public spaces and their connections within the neighborhood through the study of density in relation to a 10-minute walk from each point, I have created a new shape developed along a path that would combine the hot spots (camp nou, Sants Station, a big commercial center and the two ramblas) maximising the use of the space around the nodes. The new highline integrates technologies able to recycle waste and stormwater and create new green areas. Each hole of the structure has been identified combining parametric design software and an Ecotect solar access analysis: their functions (water, green, solar panels, Texlon pneumatic cushions) are the result. Through the extensive use of the latest energy saving techniques and new metamaterials it can produce energy and share it with the buildings around.


Design Studio I Andrea Debilio Full Presentation