Dynamic Skins – Interpreting the Bad Cafe


The bad cafe is a cafe located in Mumbai, India. This cafe was designed to facilitate yoga, gastronomical experiences, and cultural event spaces for music, art, performances, intellectual discourse and fashion. These activities are stacked vertically over three levels, including an open to sky terrace courtyard (extracted from archdaily.com). The facade is a dynamic parametric skin that is confirmed by several pipes that create a volume with variations in their length.

The facade was chosen as reference to understand surface deformations and also modules population by a given parameter.

Architects: Nudes Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Architect in Charge: Nuru Karim

Area: 3250.0 ft2 Project Year 2015

Manufacturers: Century Plywood, Saint Gobain, Finolex

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Pseudo code

Create a Surface

Divide the surface in diagonal lines

Create pull points along the lines

Deform the surface either with points or curves

Divide the pulled points to get more elements

Project points to the deformed surface

Create a line between the planar surface and the projected points

Extrude the pipes the lines

Control the distance of extrusion based in the curvature of the deformed surface

Tweak parameters to achieve new results