Some people are concerned with the efficiency of their car trips around Barcelona, and get engaged on loud discussions on what areas are the best to drive through or into. Thank god, data allow us to close such tedious and unfruitful arguments.

Through getting Uber simulation of routes, we will analyse the efficiency of each one of the 10 districts of the city, and rank them from the most to the least efficient of them:

Rides Efficiency in Barcelona

However, you’ll agree that efficiency comes second, safety comes first. Although in this case people never argue about that, or even touch on the subject, knowing where it is safer to drive should be much more important.

By overlaying these routes with the information of all accidents in roads in Barcelona in 2017, we can get a filtered heatmap of probability of accident in different routes in Barcelona.

Rides Safety in Barcelona

In addition, we can also use data to visualise through heatmaps and charts when it is safer to drive At what time of the day, or the week, or the year. Finally, we can even know what modes of transportation will be more likely to incur in accidents, and the severity if them.

Rides Safety time analysis

In the end, we can conclude that of you want to be safe and efficient, you need to drive a bus in ciutat vella at 3am on an August Sunday morning.

Or you can always use the metro.


B-SAFE is a project of DIGITAL TOOLS of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City and Technology in (2018/2019) by:

STUDENTS: David Casanovas Tatxé, Heining Zhou
FACULTY: Starsky Lara