The designated section of Avinguda Diagonal from Fransesc Macia to Glories crosses through all major intersections of Barcelona’s grid.   Once a metropolitan strategic plan to provide city solutions has now become so dense that the street does not function the way once planned, nor is it a ‘Smart’ Street prepared for the future. Diagonal is a gateway and a gathering for all types of road users.  Individuals are segregated to specific pathways depending on their mode of transportation.  Although each user is distinct and separate the presence of traffic lights forces an interaction between all the different systems.  This causes further inefficiency in travel, increasing the congestion and density at these points. A network of communication between various layers of Diagonal’s infrastructure is crucial to establish a smooth transition between the realm of the car and the domain of the pedestrian.  Blurring the lines of of the current ‘light highway’ system and optimizing the potential for a ‘stepped system’ will allow the user to travel by foot or bike between work, residence and recreation.  This will optimize the space and regain pedestrian zones creating a place of transaction. To collect this real time data and information a network of ‘Smart Poles’  will be inserted into Diagonal to replace the existing street infrastructure.  This system is about exchanging information to impact and improve the use of pedestrian spaces.   Each Smart Pole will work individually, in a field, and simultaneously with an assigned Planner.  Collected data will be observed to redirect mobility at crossing and attractor points to regain the space for pedestrian use. As technology advances over the next 30 to 60 years the Smart Pole will become more intelligent.   This device will respond to all input data to organize and reorganize itself to communicate within the field and to all road users.  An energy grid will be implemented into the system to collect and distribute energy to the street and its users.  As driver-less cars become the norm the system will control the car  around the multifunctional shared street, autonomously avoiding the preferred user; the pedestrian.   All lines will be blurred and Diagonal will be the perception of accessibility and convenience for all agents.